Friday, July 10, 2009

Stealing a MeMe

First, I apologize about the lack of contact. It's not a lack of material, it is a lack of time. Expect most of July to be this way.

So my Internet friend New Jovian Thunderbolt, has a post about what makes a gun nut

I will preface with this pearl of wisdom. If your gunsmith calls with a awesome deal, on you significant others birthday, and you tell them that the new plasma TV is going to have to wait, you might be a gun nut.

If you got more handguns than you got hands, you are a gun nut.
If you have 2 rifles that do the same thing (2 semi-auto .22s, 2 lever action .30-30s, 2 M1 Garands), and you didn't accidentally inherit one of them through no fault of your own, you are a gun nut.
Do the guns for the kids count?
If you have 4 or more rifles that do differents things, you are a gun nut.
Define 'different', but probably a yes.
If you have a rifle that takes an ammo type you can't find after checking 3 randome gun stores in a normal ammo market (not today's market, but what we had this time last year), you are a gun nut. (I mean, how much Arisaka ammo is there our there? It can be found, yes, but it's not always out there.)
Four words: three five seven maximum and/or 338/06
If you know what a tround is, you are a gun nut..
I wiki'd it, thats kinda cool
If you conceal carry, but have one gun you carry during the week, and another gun you carry for special occasions like wedding, graduations, and church services, you are a gun nut. (there are plenty of CCW people out there that aren't gun nuts, and carry because they have been threatened specifically.)
The wife says no to a 'BBQ gun'
If you became a member of the NRA or other pro-civil-rights org. because some anti-gun politician of famous person annoyed you, you are a gun nut.
If you read gun blogs more than twice a week for 6 weeks, you are on your way to being a gun nut.
I WRITE a gun blog more than twice a week(generaly), for more than six weeks.
If you have gone to more than one gun show, paying your own way, since the creation of the term 'gun show loophole,' but disagree with the statment 'no man should have a gun smaller than a canned ham,' you are a gun nut.
Gun shows are family activities, like movies, and going out to dinner.
If you become aware of an associate of good character that took a concealed loaded gun to a public place like a Mall or parade and your thought wasn't 'oh my! oh no! someone could have been hurt accidentally!' but rather, 'good move. you never can tell,' you are a gun nut.
My first thought after getting out of the car yesterday was 'Why is there a gun in my pocket?'
If any part of the speech fragment 'small town, bitter people clinging to their guns and religion and their antipathy to people not like them,' annoys you, but especially gun part, you are a gun nut.
Check, check, check, check and mate

So what is the verdict? What makes you a gun nut? And if you aren't a gun nut, why not?

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