Thursday, July 30, 2009

High School English

I read alot, I always have. I read anything with words on a page. Occasionally I read stuff with pictures. I also read The Atomic Nerds. Today Stingray talks about high school and running into people that you knew. Trust me, being a thousand miles from where you went to High School is an advantage. I no longer have to worry about having a reunion in Wal-Mart.

For my Sophomore and Senior year I had the same teacher for honor english. Did I mention that I read alot? This included in the classroom. She would hand out assignments, I would be the first to complete it. Not being one to idly waste time I would pull out my book and start to read. Soon the class discussion would start. I continued to read. English teachers are smart, and they think alot. This particular one thought to herself, "If I call on Sigboy while he is reading, he won't know what is going on in the discussion, and will be embarrassed enough to pay attention." Did her plan work as expected? Of course not, I'm smarter than that. When called upon I would put down my book, answer the question, take the discussion to the next level, and calmly pick my book back up. Apparently this annoyed her, alot. She told me this after graduation, and I calmly went back to reading my book.


Sean said...

I had a very similar experience in eighth grade English... took her about six weeks to get the hint & then she left me alone the rest of the year as long as I turned in my assignments on time - straight A's and I could enjoy my own reading and not have to roll my eyes at some of my "peers."

Brigid said...

I had a teacher in junior high much the same way. He kept a little stand of books in his room. Books that normally kids our age wouldn't read. Rand, Heinlein, etc. It was honor system to borrow and return. I read more that year than ever, and still learned more.

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