Thursday, July 16, 2009

My New(est) Muse

Bloggging has been light (obviously). I have even considered asking the wife for a new muse. Upon reflection, and a dash of self preservation, I didn't. The real world has been catching up with me and I have let my blog suffer because of it. But, you don't come hear to listen to me whine.
Do to budget constraints i have had to cancel my California deer/pig hunt. I had planed to hunt some public ground here in Texas, and even had a half-assed plan. Today that all changed. I received some credible intelligence that large deer are to be found at the umppf humpf canyon in the censored State Park. I have also been told that people will be at a minimum because of the amount of walking perilous journey involved in getting there. I smell a death march in my future!

So I will have a few days out in the Texas heat and mosquito's. I also have an invite to go shoot prairie dogs!

Mrs. Sigboy will be very pleased that my new muse has antlers instead of horns.

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LauraB said...

Och, DO tell! Hubby hasn't been in forever and it'd be just the male bonding thing for him and his pals.

I can keep a secret...

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