Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shooting Skills

How many people shoot more than one kind of firearm? I am referring to rifle and pistol, shotgun, and even muzzleloaders. My curiosity was peeked last month when I was at an indoor match, at the end of the day we had a rifle side match. The owner of the range pulled out a scoped, lever action 357 magnum rifle. The course of fire was simple, 7 rounds, six 8"plates at 25 yards, standing. Sounds easy, right? Out of 17 shooters, how many knocked down all six plates? Two shooters, myself included. I have always been a well rounded shooter. A trigger is a trigger, it doesn't make a large difference whether it has a stock or a grip, a scope or iron sights. I have also found that IDPA and USPSA shooters seem to have a problem with distance. I know that it may sound harsh, but when you take an average shooter and all he does is shoot speed related practical shooting exercises his accuracy seems to diminish past 15 yards, and by 25 it is all but non-existent.

So what is the solution? I know that I do not control how other people train or shoot. Yet I feel that people should be proficient with all types of firearms. I would help anybody shoot if they ask. Am I overreaching? Do I need to get off my high horse? Any advice or flaming would be greatly appreciated.

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Yabusame said...

Not over-reaching, not on a high horse.

I'd ask for your help if I were local.

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