Thursday, February 26, 2009

Low Light Shoot

Last night I shot a low light match at the Lets Shoot gun club in Amarillo, TX. I didn't do as well as I hoped. Of course, I also haven't trained for this type of shooting for sometime. My grip wasn't right. Worse of all when the stage didn't go as planned, my fundamentals fell apart. I placed fourth. Tht is not the important part, the important part is that I learned some valuable lessons about my pistol training. I attempted to take pictures. They did not come out, there wasn't enough light. Here is video instead.
videoI really enjoyed the wide variety of stages. Ther was even one where you did not have a light, all that was illuminating the targets were some red strobes. ?The buzzer went off and you had to identify one target that was a no shoot, the rest were badguys and you hosed them. It was fairly quick, all my shots went low, but I didn't have any misses.

Blogger is not cooperating with me, second video is here.

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