Monday, February 23, 2009

Range Report

I have recently been working on some new loads for my 30/06. A little background, when I was sixteen, I had a decision to make, car or rifle? I chose rifle. The rifle is a thing of beauty, a Sako Model 75 Hunter with the upgraded wood. I worked long and hard for this rifle and it has become a trusted friend. I shot my first .250 group with it when I was about seventeen. I changed bullets and never got that load back. More on that later.

Currently I am working on my own saboted bullet load using 50 grain Barnes Varmint Grenade bullets. Why that bullet? Because they are greener that Barrack Obamas presidency, that's why. No lead, not one bit. Did I mention that they will expand on a grape? They are not the most accurate load around, but they make a cheap way to shoot varmints. My current load has them shooting about 3" low at 100 yards. I am still well within acceptable parameters so I am going to increase the powder until they shoot to the same point of impact as my 150 grain loads.

My 150 grain loads are coming along fairly well, they are shooting about 1/2 inch at 100 yards. I have started Moly coating all my bullets for this rifle and I"m fairly impressed with the results. I'm also very pleases at how clean the rifle stays. The only downfall is getting the rifle to settle down with the moly, this seem to take about twenty rounds.

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