Thursday, June 14, 2012

Playing in the Rain

I peered out the window Saturday morning and adjusted the playlist on my Ipod.  The sky was a reflection of my mind.  Dark grey clouds swirled angrily contrasted with the piercing blue sky.  It couldnt decide what to do, nor could I.  I started my run as the sprinkles started.  I used to love running in the rain and snow,  but, since I officially hit my mid-thirties, my knees don’t agree anymore.  I ran a slow two miles as the rain gradually worsened, pondering what to do with my day.  There was a USPSA pistol match today with INAS, I hadnt shot in three months, maybe it was time to get back in the groove.  

That could wait, a man had to have priorities, and breakfast was on top of that list.  There had been a string of Good Eats reruns, and Alton Brown (who is a gun guy btw) had a pan fried steak recipie I needed to try.  Anyways...I’m rambling....short story, yes I had steak for breakfast, kicked myself in the butt and packed up for the match.

The rain had turned torrential at this point, I glanced at the truck thermometer and it read 38*, it was going to be a long, cold, wet day.

New Hunting Belt
Recently, I put together a new hunting belt(furture post), and I decided that I would shoot with it today.  I slapped some extra magazine pouches on it, holstered up the trusty Sig, and decided that I was just going to have fun today,  the weather is nasty, and there is no reason to be overly competitive.

The first few stages went by in a blur.  The targets were wet even under the plastic bags, the tape wasnt sticking, and my magazines decided they didnt want to drop free.  This meant that I had to strip every mag by hand, adding time, but we were just playing, right?

The rifle stage was the shot last, and proved to be the hardest.  The paper targets all called for head shots, but they were laying down so bad,  had about a 1”x4” target area to hit.  Needless to say, there was alot of people calling ‘Mikes’ name.

Needless to say, there was alot of lamentation and gnashing of teeth, the weather, the targets, and anything else that could be complained about.  However, those that shot that day will have a great memory and a story to tell for a long time to come.

Fun with headshots
Scores, I forgot scores!  I took second overall.

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