Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Love at First Squeeze, S&W SSR

I cannot remember the last time I was smitten at the gun counter. Sure, we all go in and play on occasion, sometimes I might even drool a bit. Rare is it that I start doing math in my head about how I'm going to impulse buy a $1000 pistol. Caleb was talking about them a few weeks ago, and it didnt register at the time, but it does now! The details? A Smith and Wesson SSR, 6 shot 686 frame, brushed stainless, laminated round grips, smooth trigger, great curves, a solid frame. I could go on and on.


 What would I do with such a thing? I would shoot revolver division USPSA, carry it as a woods gun for defense against the lions and wolves and bears that call Eastern Washington home. Not to mention the fact that I get cool points for shooting a revolver. The only issue seems to be that it isnt cut for moon clips, but Matt G found the solution for me, TK Customs, can machine your cylinder for $100. A set of fiber optic, or night sights, a Bladetech holster, and it should be good to go.

I'm enamored, and this never ends well for me. Anybody want to buy a gently used Ruger Vaquero?

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Brigid said...

I've yet to meet a Smith and Wesson revolver I didn't love. That is a beautiful firearm.

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