Monday, May 21, 2012

Resurrection or Rebirth?

I have been entertaining thoughts of blogging again for a while. The question then becomes whether or not to start a new blog or to continue with this one. The focus on the reincarnation isnt going to change much. Less focus on guns (just a little), more focus on the outdoors and prepping. Food storage, water storage, and of course my horrible gear habit that no amount of money can seem to cure. A bit of focus on the history of the Inland North West, possibly some SAR stuff if I can get on the team. If I was to start a new blog what would I name it? Sigboy is my moniker, and I cant really see changing that any more than I could change my real name. Even if Alan is right and its more of a sidekick then a superhero name.

Some off the cuff options:
Sigboys Big Adventure (no, reminds people of Pee-Wee Herman..can't do that)
The Mis-Adventures of Sigboy (Some would call them that.)
Sigboy Seeks The Grail (kind of like it)
Sigboy Searches for Solitude (not exactly an accurate description, unless you ask my wife)

Something to ponder. Please feel free to comment away and let me know what you think.


GBBL said...

If you move, please let the Gun Blog Black List know.

Phil said...

The Continuing Adventures of Sigboy

Sigboys Spectacular Situation

Sigboy and the Continuing Odyesey of Actually Using Shit Rather Than Buying and Thinking "oooo, that's shiney"
(you may replace "shit" with "stuff" if you wish to hit the PG audience)

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