Monday, May 28, 2012

I Have Buried Better Men

I have buried better men than me. Many of you know that, while in the Army, I did a tour with 'The Old Guard'. Memorial Day weekend was not a holiday. We worked. All those flags in Arlington National Cemetery, who do you think put them there? We started Friday night when the cemetery closed, we are done when the last flag is placed. The ceremony is called 'Flags In' and was started in 1948.

Every flag is centered and placed one boot length from the headstone. A crisp salute is rendered for medal of honor winners, I personally saluted every headstone that showed them to be a combat veteran. This is repeated hundreds of times by thousands of soldiers. It is an honor that I am proud to have participated in.

I salute all of you that have served our great Country with dignity and honor. Those that are there, and those that have come home. To those brave souls who will never come home, perhaps some day I will join you in Valhalla.
Thank you all.

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