Monday, July 19, 2010

Shooting off the Dust

I went with some friends to the local LE range this weekend to get some trigger time in. 500 rounds later and I'm back in the groove. I did some one shot draw drills with the STI, ran some drills on some plate racks. I also put my AR through its paces. Then it happened, the worst thing possible. My Fed buddy pulled out an 11" full auto AR that he was just issued. Boy that really brought back some memories, I'd almost forgotten the smell of rapid fire out of an AR. Luckily I still have the ability to keep them all on target at 25 yards.
But, the best part of the day was the pepper popper bay, there was one bay with 5 poppers in it. They were huge and you could go really fast! I am guessing that they are about 12" across, spaced at 7 to 15 yards. I did alot of good target transition practice on them. I was clearing the 5 poppers in about 1.7 seconds from the draw. Good times!

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