Saturday, July 10, 2010

Firearms in Family History

Great Grandpa Albert c.1919

We all know those stories. The family history stories that involve firearms, most people have them. Jay G has his families police revolver, some families have the firearms from WWII. My family story is a bit older than that.

Rumours surround this mythical rifle. It was bought by my Great Grandfather from a stage coach driver on the last stage into Salt Lake City. It was one of those right place/right time deal. The last coach pulled into town and he was there when the stage coach driver decided he didnt need it anymore. It was a Browning High Wall single shot rifle with a bull barrel. He didnt know what caliber it was, but a 32/40 Ballard fit. It shot well, even if it did blow out the cases. Later it was determined that it was actually 30/40 Krag. There are two generations of hunting stories with this rifle. From Deer to Bears and even a Moose.

Only one problem. Nobody had ever even seen it; It dropped off the radar about 50 years ago. Nobody was surprised my Great Grandfather had 12 kids (at least I know he had 12 boys, there may be more...). Luckily, it turned up last weekend, my Great-Uncle Ron had it up in Idaho. Later this month it will be passed onto my Father, and then to me. I will have pictures up when I get them, and I have alot of research to do, at this point all we know is that it's a real Browning from the late 19th or early 20th century(probably touched by JMB himself!). But it is a tangible way to touch my family history, lending a new life to all these old stories. I only hope that a century from now one of my rifles (I even have one picked out!) will illicit such excitement.


SHARON said...

Do you know what happen to the revolver he has stuck in his belt. BTW, he is easy on the eyes. I bet he had to beat the girls off with a stick!!!!

Sigboy said...

No, I dont know what happend to that pistol. BTW, we are all tought from a young age too carry sticks, just for that reason!

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