Sunday, December 6, 2009

No Really, It Can Happen Here Too.

Following my last post on Caladonia, there comes a self defense story from Oklahoma City. I am kind of late getting in on it, Jay G has reported it, Extrano's Alley covered it, and the actual story with the 911 tape can be found here.

One evening, Donna Jackson is relaxing at home when someone tries to break into her home. She calls 911 and calmly informs the dispatcher of the situation. The dispatcher repeatedly tells her that the police are on the way. You can hear the dispatcher informing the officers of all the updated information. Mrs. Jackson stays calm, loads her shotgun as he gets closer. You hear more banging as he tries to get in. For TEN MINUTES and TWENTY SECONDS, she stays on the line with dispatch. She prepares herself for what is going to happen, knowing that her only option will be to use deadly force to defend herself. Finally, he breaks in and she shoots him once with a shotgun. It takes another FIFTEEN minutes for the police to arrive.
Only then, does the woman who has been so calm throughout the ordeal begin to fall apart.

"I shot. I shot,” Jackson tells the dispatcher frantically. "I’m going out front. I hit him. Oh God, help me! I dropped the phone. ... Oh please, dear God, I think I’ve killed him.”

As the reality sinks in, her voice fades to a whisper, "Please, Father in Heaven. Please, Father in Heaven. Oh my God, ma’am. Please.”

And she begins to sob, "I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

The dispatcher on the other end of the line tries to comfort her, telling her there was nothing she could have done — she had to protect herself.

"No, he’s bleeding,” Jackson said, looking at the body on her back porch. "I’m so sorry, Father.”

So for TWENTYFIVE minutes this poor lady went thru the worst ordeal of her life, because the police were not there to protect here, nor are they legally obligated to.

What are the good points to this horrible ordeal? She had a plan, she prepared herself to do what she had to. She had large dogs that did their job and alerted her to the threat. She was calm until after she shot, and she was aware of what was going on around her.

She is one tough lady, my heart goes out to her, but she did the right thing.

Here is the best advice I can give to anyone:
Get a gun, learn to use it, and use it if you have to.

While you are at it, get a four legged alarm system. Because alarm companies call 911 - and cost more than dog food.

thanks to Extrano's Alley for the quote.

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