Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Four Wheelers as Hunting Tools

I recently had the opportunity to try something I had never done before. Use a four wheeler in the pursuit and apprehension (I'm dropping into cop talk again, sorry) of game. "Wow, you sure can cover alot of ground", was my initial thought. My final thought after getting home was, "Wow, there sure is dirt everywhere." Am I going to run out and spend $10,000 on a new four wheeler? Nope. Will I borrow somebody else's? Hell yes!
Living in Texas has done wonders for my conservative mindset. One of the things that Texas does not seriously regulate is the use of vehicles for hunting, especially on private land. This is why you see vehicles specifically built for this purpose. They also can include large spotlights for the pursuit of varmints and feral hogs at night. Why I do not personally care for hunting from vehicles, many do and it does have it's place.
I figure in two days I saw five or six coyotes from the four wheeler, I can safely say that's double the number I would have seen without that mobility. The ability to quickly cover ground is awesome, and can allow you to get into position alot faster. On the other hand, two days of my rifle in a gun rack on the front of a four wheeler was not kind. I had to completely disassemble the rifle and remove the dust from every part of that weapon. My pistol was the same way, it spent the time on me in a Safariland drop thigh holster. I had to completely disassemble it as well. I am happy to report that I did fire the pistol on Sunday prior to cleaning and it functioned perfectly, even if it was full of dirt and dust.
I believe that they are an effective tool that can make hunting more productive and enjoyable. Like any other tool, they can be used improperly and abused. They can also be used in a unethical manner, which could lead to bad press for sportsman everywhere. Like a rifle, a four wheeler has no will of its own. You control how and where it is used and wether it is used for good or evil. So use your tools righteously, and lets stay safe and have fun out there!

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kyle said...

Come on you can get of for a lot less than 10,000 like 8,000 is more like it. I use mine for my 2 days of hunting in SD again good time saver

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