Monday, October 12, 2009

Deer Season Prep, Part 1

Fall is quickly approaching, Sunday morn found ice upon the sidewalks and windows. The trees have started to drop their leaves, nightfall seems too come faster and a chill hangs in the air. Times like these remind me that it is time to renew my love for the bounty of nature. Time to watch the sunrise over a new and exciting wilderness, a journey more for the soul than the body.

For one reason or another, fate has led me to West Texas, and I plan to spend time this year in the canyons of the Panhandle. If the Great Spirit smiles upon me, my table will be blessed with a nice Mule Deer buck (I'm not picky, I will be happy with a whitetail). The area around here reminds me of reading Loius La'mour novels as a kid. The red ground and green Mesquite strike a interesting contrast of color. I plan on spending three or four days away from the distractions of modern life, no cell phones, no Internets. Just a few bare essentials on my back, to help ensure I find my way back home.

The outdoors have always recharged my batteries, showering me with a peace that I seldom find elsewere. My mind wanders to that day a few weeks from now when I shall pit my skills against nature. But first there is preperation to be done, scouting, gear prep, and most importantly, mental prep.

A few weeks ago I took the first of several scouting trips. The key to scouting is in finding the established deer trails and, if possible, finding the times that the deer are using these trails. Granted, after the opening day of deer season, all bets are off as the outside pressure of hunters will change estblished patterns. I located alot of good sign and saw a few does with fawns, the fawns still has their spots. The sheer numbers of fawns that I saw are a good sign of a healthy deer population, not to mention the bountless energy that they have will bring a smile to even the most stoic, bouncing effortlessly thru the thicket.

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