Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Traffic Stops Made Easy

Recently I was pulled over by the police. What did I do, you ask? I ran a red light, or so he said. I told him it was orange. Did I get a ticket? No. Did I deserve one? Probably.

I can't remember the last time I had to pay a ticket. I would say that I get pulled over about 3 times a year. I'm probably going to jinx myself now, but I generally get out of them. Why? I don't think it is because of my witty charm and stunning good looks. I make the officer feel comfortable. He is just doing his job.

Step 1- Pull over immediately, and get all the way off the road. If he has to chase you, or feels like he is chasing you, it will not end well.

Step 2- Have your paperwork ready, and keep your hands vi sable, shut the car off and keep your seat belt on. No I don't care that it is 110 or -20, do it, he will know your not going to run.

Step 3- Be respectful, use Sir or Ma'am. Remember, he is just doing his job, and when he isn't writing tickets, he is protecting society (that means you as well).

Step 4- Take responsibility for your actions. You know what you did, and you know that you got caught. Don't make up some BS story. He gets lied to all day. He will know when you are lying, and you will pay for it.

Step 5- If you happen to get a ticket anyways, say 'Thank you'. He doesn't hear that enough, trust me. He has seen things that most people can't even imagine. He makes the world a better place. A ticket is a small price to pay for this comfort.

Finally, if you feel that you didn't deserve the ticket, fight it in court, not on the street. It is your right as a citizen of this great Country to do so, and besides, he might welcome the OT. But, if you follow steps one thru four, I doubt you will be getting a ticket. It works for me, and when I finally get one, I will pay it with a smile.

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Brigid said...

Excellent. My parents were both police officers at one time in cities far away from here.

I would add, if it is night, turn on your dome light so they can see inside our car, who is in there and where your hands are.

I've been pulled over one time. One of those "don't turn on red during (name times here)". I could not READ the times, it was that small and the street lighting was bad. I should have just waited but I looked, stopped and went. And got pulled over.

I turned on the dome light and had my wallet on the dash before he got out of his car, my hands up on the steering wheel. I identified myself as a concealed permit holder and offered that permit with my license. He didn't bat an eye but did ask with a smile what I carried. I said "1911" and he said "nice".

The officer could not have been nicer. I didn't try to make excuses I simply admitted I couldn't really read the sign but stopped and went for it and I understood he had to pull me over.

He noted the street light was out and the sign was hard to see and said he'd report that, told me to be careful and sent me on my way.

Doing his job, for which I'm glad.

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