Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thought for the Day

The corporate machine that I work for decided a few weeks ago to reorganize parts of the organization that I work for. They came into Kansas and told about ten people that they were moving their office to Sioux Falls. They all still had jobs, but on May 24th, they had to be in Sioux Falls if they wanted to keep them. 90% of them refused. I don't know what kind of severance package, if any, was offered; nor do I very much care. I have moved across our beautiful country a few times, it's not really a big deal. But, this is not today's point. The people that I work with in Kansas have become difficult to work with, almost hostile in their actions. I can understand that they are a bit bitter, perhaps afraid of change and the unknown. I can honestly say that if they were always like this I would have a hard time dealing with it. I almost think that they are upset at all the people this didn't effect, like me. But, I am also smart enough to know that next month it may be my turn. If that happens, I will either accept their transfer offer or refuse it, but I don't think it would change how I did my job.

My Question is this: Were my co workers always like this? Is this their true nature? Or is it like a cornered animal, lashing out at anything they can out of spite?

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