Monday, October 20, 2008

How many golf clubs do you need?

So in a bit of inspiration from New Jovian Thunderbolt and his post:

I have decided to include my .02.
When somebody asks you, "How many guns do you need?" ask them, "How many golfclubs does a golpher need?" The answer is always the same. Alot.

Here is my bare-minimum list:
1. Bolt action hunting rifle, capable of taking deer sized game.
2. 22 rifle, for small game
3. Semi-Automatic pistol, for self defense.
4. A carbine for zombie defense(AR or AK or Mini-14 your choice)
5. 12 ga shotgun for everything under 50 yds.

Bear in mind that is a minimum list. The full list is little longer. It also includes the ability to shoot a zombie at 8oo yards.

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